Film Shooting in Hungary with the relevant incentives.

About Us

In Movies in Hungary in a wide ranging presence in both India and Europe, you are adequately equipped and capable of providing all support services to Film Production companies desirous of taking advantage of the scenic and culturally rich locations within Hungary and other locations in the European Union.

The biggest highlight being that on account of our being an Indo-Hungarian Company, we understand the requirements of Indian Caste, Crew etc. far better than our European counterparts and hence are clearly equipped with an existing learning, whereas if you were to go through our European competition, unfortunately you would end up being the Guinea Pig for their learning phase. .​

Our Local presence in the EU and a Vat License to operate in the entire European Union, gives us the strategic advantage and capability to render all kinds of services ranging from Visa Facilitation, Equipment Rentals, Local Cast/ Crew, Locations, Local Permissions, Boarding and Lodging arrangements with a seamless arrangement for both Continental and Indian cuisine.​